Alexis York


Muncie, Indiana

School of DanceFourth-Year Student

Alexis York, originally from Muncie, Indiana, began dancing at the age of three where she studied a variety of dance forms. In high school, she shifted to focusing on training her ballet technique, finishing up high school with a cross-country move to North Carolina. Alexis stayed active during her summers attending intensive programs at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Point Park University, River North Dance Chicago, Dance Kaleidoscope, Ballet Arkansas and Malashock Dance.

Alexis’ training enabled her to be accomplished in a variety of dance forms and gave her an expansive movement vocabulary in which she is committed to refining and developing within herself. She has had the privilege of performing works by Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Merce Cunningham, Robert Battle, David Hochoy and Robert Priori. Alexis treasures the gift and responsibility of telling a story— sharing a performance— with anyone who is willing to watch, and looks forward to sharing this gift for years to come.

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