Pluck Project

Pluck Project

The Pluck Project is a student-led production that fosters and integrates the UNCSA senior contemporary dancers into the professional world. Their efforts throughout the year include; marketing, fundraising, outreach, budgeting, and most importantly collaborative producing. The project leads to a showcase in New York City comprised of their own solos and a group piece. While in NYC they will also have the opportunity to take workshops from renowned choreographers and build connections within the dance community. 

In order to fund the Pluck showcase, the seniors work to raise money throughout the year by organizing yard sales, selling T-Shirts, and participating in outreach programs in local schools. The students’ efforts and passion along with community's support contribute to making The Pluck Project possible. 

Donate to the Pluck Project

The Pluck Project needs your support! Help the dancers get to New York with a tax-deductible donation. Be sure to designate your donation as other and write in “Pluck Project.”

Faculty Advisor
Kira Blazek Ziaii
Staff Advisor
Rebecca Nussbaum