Jacob Moskovitz grew up in New Jersey where he spent most of his time skateboarding, singing and studying to go to medical school. All the while, he found himself in the theater performing in plays and musicals. And also finding joy in writing for original play festivals and competitions. Gradually, he developed a deep passion for the craft of acting. For him, acting became and remains inextricably linked to the commitment of being a more perceptive, empathetic and honest human being in his everyday life. He finds great dignity in being an artist and bringing a wide range of humanity to his work.

In his spare time, Jacob enjoys cooking spicy food for friends, inhaling films and tv, and reading dystopian novels.

Jacob is most looking forward to taking on the wonderfully complex role of Jason Dean (J.D.) in “Heathers: The Musical” by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy, directed by Scott Zigler, Krisha Marcano and Kelly Mann and also performing in an original, self-written, one-person-show, “ay, no; no, ay,” featured in UNCSA’s Keys to the Kingdom Season.

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