Who to Contact to Reserve Campus Space

Please use the Campus Calendar Portal to reserve all campus spaces at UNCSA. For live performance venues managed by Performance Facilities, please reserve through the portal, or contact Robin O’Neal at onealr@uncsa.edu or 336-734-2866 with questions.

For all other spaces, please use the Portal or consult the list below to contact the appropriate reserving office.

UNCSA Facility and Grounds Reserving Office Telephone
Academic House (1903 Sunnyside Avenue); Workplace West III; and Workplace West V Division of Liberal Arts 770-3242

ACE Theatre Complex School of Film Dir. of Administration or School of Film Exhibitions 770-1330
Advancement Offices Advancement Executive Assistant 770-1427
Alex Ewing Performance Place Performance Facilities 734-2866
Chancellor’s Residence Office of the Chancellor or Advancement Executive Assistant 770-3200
Crawford Hall & Lobby School of Music 770-3255
Daniels Plaza    
de Mille Theatre & Lobby Performance Facilities 734-2866
Fitness Center Manager of Fitness Center 770-3286
Hanes Student Commons, Athletic Field and Eisenberg Social Hall Director of Student Affairs Operations, Ramona Richmond 770-3279
Hood Recital Hall & Lobby School of Music 770-3255
Residence Halls & Common Residential Areas Housing Office 770-3279
Library University Librarian 770-3270
Stevens Center Performance Facilities 723-6320
Visual Arts Facilities Director of Visual Arts 770-3220
Watson Hall & Lobby School of Music 770-3255
Welcome Center Encounter Space & Presentation Room    
Workplace West Gym & Chapel    
Yekovich Conference Room School of Music 770-3255
All classrooms, arts & academic facilities not specified in this table. (Group A) activities: School’s Dean
(Group B & C) activities: Performance Facilities See Policy 402 for group activities descriptions.
All grounds, outdoor spaces and other facilities not specified in this table.    

Table of Departmental Special Activity Coordinators

Requesting Department Department Activity Coordinator Phone
Admissions Director of Admissions 770-3264
Advancement Advancement Executive Assistant 770-1427
Facilities Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management 770-3322
School of Design & Production School of Design and Production Executive Assistant 770-3232
School of Filmmaking

Film Archives Associate Curator or Filmmaking Executive Assistant


Off Campus – Stevens Center

Stevens Center General Manager or Box Office Manager


Office of the Chancellor Chief of Staff 734-2862

Student Activities

Hanes Commons lobby areas

Associate Director of Student Engagement or Senior Associate Director Residence Life Programs


Any Other Department Campus Performance Facilities