A day I won't forget

By: Hannah Senft, Diggs-Latham Elementary

There is one day that I will never forget throughout my time at Diggs-Latham Elementary School. This day offered a special opportunity for me to connect one on one with a student.

As class went on there was one student who was being left behind when it came to understanding rhythms. This was an opportunity for me to impact her understanding of music through different learning styles. We went out in the hallway to work one on one. Since there were not any rhythm flash cards to use, I made up some rhythms for her on a piece of paper. Using this paper, I came up with new ways for her to remember how to figure out rhythms. As we worked on simple rhythms, she even asked for more difficult rhythms. Not only had she mastered the rhythms that they were working on in class but she even grasped and could read even more difficult rhythms and even wrote out some at home so that she could say them to me the following week. This was a very important moment for me as an instructor of music. It really shows that we have such a huge impact on this children and are continuing to influence them every day.

December 14, 2015