A positive role model: Serving through ArtistCorps

By: Jordan Loveland, Group Homes of Forsyth County and Diggs-Latham Elementary

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I spent time serving youth at a group home in Winston-Salem. I have worked with many children before in different capacities, but had never worked with a group like this, ranging from middle school to high school, so I was not sure what the experience would be like. The time I spent was wonderful.

The children were genuinely interested in playing the instruments, asking good questions, and participating in group activities. One of the female students asked us at the end if we would come back the next day, which was so sweet, and reminded me of how important the service we do as ArtistCorps members really is.  

It is important to me that I share my art with children in order to foster their own ability and creativity. Fostering ability eventually leads to a mindset change, from an "I can't do this" attitude, to a "can do!" attitude, which is something I have learned working with disadvantaged children at Diggs-Latham Elementary as well as the group home. Children are incredibly impressionable, and it is imperative as an ArtistCorps member that I serve as a positive role model for all students that I work with, especially when positive influences can be few and far between. I hope to serve again at the group home in the future! 

February 18, 2016