Auditions and Registration

Preparatory Dance

Auditions and Registration

Audition for Prep Dance

Dancers wishing to audition for the Preparatory Dance Program should follow the guidelines below:

  • Students should contact Susan Brooker to set up an audition during a regular Preparatory Program class, then register online (click Preparatory Dance on the left, then Prep Dance Auditions) prior to the audition date.
  • The schedule and location will be communicated by Ms. Brooker.
  • Students attending the Prep Summer Intensive Program who wish to audition should contact Susan Brooker and register online.
  • All students auditioning must pay the $15 audition fee.
  • Students with dance experience should wear a solid color leotard, pink tights and soft ballet slippers for ladies, and a t-shirt, tights or shorts and ballet slippers for boys.
  • Students who have not had prior ballet experience may wear a form-fitting t-shirt and shorts that they can move in if they do not have ballet attire. 

Register for Prep Dance

Audition results will be emailed to each student within two weeks of the audition. Students must register with the registration link provided in the email or by using the link below.

After a student has been accepted into the program, all registration forms must be completed by the specified deadline in order to secure a place. Classes will be closed once they reach maximum capacity. Students not registered by the deadline will be placed on a waiting list.

Private lessons may be scheduled with faculty members on an individual basis. Contact program director Susan Brooker to schedule private lessons.