Preparatory Level 2

Preparatory Level 2

Ages 9 - 11

Level 2 students learn to sustain their alignment in order to strengthen use of rotation in the hip joints. Students begin to work primarily with one hand on the barre and must be able maintain correct posture and maximum turnout in their barre work. Students will also develop more sophisticated awareness of body directions and be introduced to preparatory exercises for pointe (pre-pointe) and men’s technique.

Core Curriculum

  • Ballet technique: Three Classes per Week
  • Progressing Ballet Technique: One Class per Week
  • Pre-Pointe: One class per week


  • Junior Jazz or African Technique: One Class per Week
  • Junior Performance Ensemble: One Class per Week 

Students must be at least 9 years old by the start of the fall semester to be eligible for Level 2. Audition is required.