Preparatory Level 3

Preparatory Level 3

Ages 10 - 12

Level 3A and 3B students’ posture and alignment should be sustained throughout all exercises and students are expected to take responsibility for personal corrections through awareness of their unique gifts and challenges. Pointe work is introduced in Level 3B. 

It is strongly recommended that students at this level participate in Performance Ensemble to develop technically and artistically through the study of classical repertoire.

Core Curriculum

  • Ballet Technique: Four Classes per Week
  • Progressing Ballet Technique: One Class per Week
  • Pre-Pointe 3A: One Class per Week
  • Pointe 3B: One Class per Week


  • Junior Jazz or African Technique: One Class per Week
  • Junior Performance Ensemble: One Class per Week 

Students must be at least 10 years old by the first day of the fall semester to be eligible for Level 3. Audition is required.