Preparatory Level 4

Preparatory Level 4

Ages 11 - 13

Level 4A and 4B students will use artistic and musical nuance to develop and enrich quality of movement. The importance of the strength to maintain directions of the body en l’air is emphasized, along with the ability to coordinate allegro with facilitated use of port de bra and épaulement. At Level 4B, more advanced vocabulary will be introduced en pointe and allegro movements with an emphasis on combining vocabulary with correct transitions. 

It is strongly recommended that students at this level participate in Performance Ensemble to develop technically and artistically through the study of classical repertoire.

Core Curriculum 

  • Ballet technique: Four Classes per Week
  • Pointe: Two Classes per Week
  • Progressing Ballet Technique: One Class per Week
  • Contemporary Technique: One Class per Week


  • Junior Jazz Technique (Level 3A and 4A): One Class per Week
  • Senior Jazz Technique (Level 4B and Level 5): One Class per Week
  • Junior Performance Ensemble (Level 3A and 4A): One Class per Week
  • Senior Performance Ensemble (Level 4B and 5): One Class per Week

Students must be 11 years old by the start of the fall semester for Level 4. Audition is required.