Student Government Association

Student Government Association

UNCSA’s Student Government Association (SGA) serves as an advocacy-centered governance model where the Student Body President and members of SGA focus their time and energy on observing, listening, and responding to student feedback, questions, and concerns. SGA continues to prove itself as a respected and reliable resource for the students of UNCSA.

Jack Sargeant

Jack Sargeant (he/him/his)
Student Body President

School of Music '25
North Carolina

"I am a third year voice student in the School of Music. I am also an alumni of UNCSA’s high school program. I grew up in High Point, North Carolina. This will be my third year participating in student government and I am excited to take on the role of Student Body President. I love creating ideas to make the school better. I am excited to represent the voices and needs of the School of Music and of all the arts schools. I look forward to collaborating with other departments at UNCSA in order to advocate for better campus communication, student health and wellness, campus safety and any other needs of the student body. I can’t wait for another year of fantastic performances and meeting new faces!" – Jack Sargeant

Claire Schiffer

Claire Schiffer (she/her/hers)
Student Body Vice President
School of Dance '24
South Korea

“Hi! I was born in South Korea and grew up in New Port Richey, Florida. I moved to Winston-Salem when I started UNCSA’s contemporary dance program as a junior in high school. I decided to continue my training in UNCSA’s B.F.A. program and now I’m a rising senior in college. I’m so excited to be a part of SGA and work with these amazing people to make the student body’s experience at UNCSA better. Last year I started UNCSA’s ACT (Asians Come Together) club, and I found that I really enjoyed using my voice and actions as a student in a leadership position to bring more awareness and inclusivity into our community. I’m hoping that in SGA I’ll have more opportunities to make sure other student’s voices will be heard as well. ” – Claire Schiffer

SGA Executives

SGA Executives serve as the primary student representatives on campus committees with staff, faculty, and executive leadership. They meet weekly as a team to discuss current student concerns, committee progress on various student services/concerns, and the results of their conversations with key leaders of UNCSA administration.

Student Government Association Constitution

Executive Team
School of Music '24
Onyx Velez
Onyx Velez (he/him/his)
North Carolina
Hi, I am a fourth-year voice student in the School of Music.  I grew up in Morganton, North Carolina, but have traveled around to visit family and friends. I will be a returning third-year Resident Assistant in the Res Life Program. I have been involved with Artist Corp where I sang for patients with dementia, taught Pre-K children phonetics and helped at a Title 1 school with Music classes. I enjoy weightlifting, painting, drawing, playing RPGs with friends, playing volleyball, studying languages, ax-throwing, Latin dancing and reading. I have a deep fascination with learning. I’m excited to be a part of SGA and work with these awesome people to make the student body’s experience at UNCSA more fun. 
School of Design & Production '26
Trey Mazza
Trey Mazza (he/him/his)
Trey is a rising 2nd year stage manager, playwright, and director from South Florida. He loves all things theatre, film and literature, and loves chatting about them with his fellow artists. He is so excited to serve as a member of the SGA team and looks forward to engaging with the campus community!
School of Dance '25
Trisha Mohta
Trisha Mohta (she/her)
I am a third-year in the Contemporary Dance program. Community-building, active listening and leadership has always been a priority for me. I have been a part of multiple cohorts on campus, including Welcome Squad, International Students Association, Asians Come Together and Artists of Color. For the past year, I have been working with various administrative departments to advocate for diversity and inclusion within UNCSA, with a focus on the needs of international students on and beyond campus. Having had the opportunity to serve as an ArtistCorps member and a Student Ambassador, I have been able to interact with the different individuals represented in the university, which has deepened my understanding of the community. I am excited to connect with, advocate for and serve the student body as an SGA Executive this year!
School of Filmmaking '25
Karolina Sandecka
Karolina Sandecka (she/her)
I am an international student from Poland. Currently, I'm a third-year director at the School of Film. This will be my third year as part of the SGA team. I have worked in Resident Life, the Summer Intensive as a teaching assistant and as an Artist Corps member. I believe that SGA is a community that contributes to the better quality of students' life by listening and protecting those who are scared to speak up. As an international student, I have brought more awareness to the community. As a leader, I hope to utilize this opportunity to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.
School of Drama '26
Ari Khavin
Ari Khavin (he/him)
New York
Hey! I am a second-year Acting student in the School of Drama and am very excited to join the SGA Executive Team. I am also the ASG Campus Liaison for this year, and a UNCSA Ambassador. I’m passionate about creating more interdisciplinary opportunities at UNCSA and bringing together the campus community. I hope to continue strengthening a stimulating and inclusive learning environment at UNCSA, and I am proud to represent the School of Drama for SGA.