High School Clubs & Organizations

If you would like more information about the organizations listed below or on chartering a high school organization here on campus, feel free to drop by the Connector Building and speak to the High School Coordinator of Belonging & Leadership, Susan Santos-Mandel, or email santos-mandels@uncsa.edu.

Clubs may change yearly. Here is a list of past and current clubs:

  • Anime Club
  • Artists of Color - Celebrates the diversity of the UNCSA community by facilitating connection amongst students, alumni and professional artists of color.
  • Artists Reaching Out - Works with organizations such as the American Red Cross and Brenner Children’s Hospital.
  • Board to Death
  • Linguistics Club
  • Lunar Guidance
  • Math Club
  • Opera Club
  • Polaris Players
  • Political Action Club
  • Spectrum - LGBTQIA+ students and their allies.
  • UNCSA Bible Study Club
  • Ultimate Club