Health Education Services

UNCSA takes a holistic approach encompassing all dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, financial and intellectual. As students, you are faced with many decisions regarding your health and well-being. Campus Wellness is committed to assisting you with finding the best solutions possible that fit your interests and lifestyle. We partner with student leaders and organizations to increase knowledge and awareness of good health and lifestyle. We also work with individuals on specific goals or how to help a friend with health issues.

Prevention and education services for groups
Need a topic for your group, organization or classroom? Would like to share your passion for living happy, healthy well-balanced lives? Contact the Health and Wellness Educator to work with you and your group. Some of the services offered are:

  • Provide presentations on health and wellness topics to various student leaders and groups.  Specific topics include stress management, sexual and reproductive health, physical activity and exercise, weight management, nutrition, disease prevention and general well-being.
  • Classroom collaboration: Different presentation options for classes are available on topics ranging from stress management to promoting healthy low-risk behaviors and responsible decision concerning the use of alcohol and other drugs. We can work with you to customize presentations for class. We are also able to cover classes for you if you know you will miss a class due to a conference or other personal engagement.
  • Awareness Events and Campaigns: Health Education Services collaborates with campus partners and student organizations to sponsor awareness events during the school year. In the past, these events have included initiatives such as Sleep Awareness Week, Alcohol Screening Day, De-Stress For Success, Safer Sex Week, and Safe Break events.

Health coaching for individuals
Get the support you need for creating a healthier lifestyle with personal health coaching:

  • help setting goals and creating a personal plan of action
  • coaching and providing resources around a broad range of health topics including weight management and positive body image, tobacco cessation, stress management, and healthy eating
  • accountability and support on your progress

One-on-One consultations
One-on-one confidential consultations for all students. If you're concerned about any health issue or about how to help a friend, stop by the office, 113 Hanes Commons, email or call (336) 770-1316.

Natascha Romeo, Health and Wellness Educator
(336) 770-1316
Room 113 Hanes Student Commons