UNCSA Health Services is a licensed pharmacy. Frequently-used medications are available at discounted prices as a benefit to students.

Using your insurance for prescriptions and refills

If you wish to use your insurance card, we can facilitate having your prescription filled off campus at Downtown Health Plaza Pharmacy and delivered to the Health Center the same or next day.

Provide the Health Center with a copy of both sides of the insurance card. If your prescription is through the Downtown Health Plaza Pharmacy, you are asked to call them at (336) 713-9677 for refills. Identify yourself as a UNCSA student for delivery. Refills will be delivered to the Wellness Center the next day. Prescriptions written by a private physician may be transferred to Downtown Health Plaza Pharmacy by your existing pharmacy and will be delivered to the Wellness Center.

Downtown Health Plaza Pharmacy
1200 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
24 hour pharmacy phone line: 336-713-9677 
FAX: 336-713-9529  

High School Students prescription medication

High School students who take prescription medication are required to follow the High School Medication Policy to assist with medication compliance and reordering, and to prevent abuse, loss or theft of medications.