Meal Plan FAQs

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Some types of students are automatically signed up for a meal plan:
  • College freshmen or sophomores living in the residence halls are automatically signed up for the All Access Meal Plan.
  • College freshmen or sophomores living in the Bailey Street apartments as well as college juniors and seniors living in the residence halls are set-up with the 175 meal plan when they sign up for housing.
  • Residential high school student are automatically signed up for the All Access Meal Plan.

Changes during the course of the year should be arranged through the Associate Vice Chancellor of Business Operations.

College Students:  There is All Access Meal Plan or 175 Meal Plan allotted for the semester. Remaining meals do not carry over from semester to semester. If you run out of meals before the end of the semester, you can either purchase a block plan or pay at the door for your meal using cash, Pickle Dollars or Bonus Bucks.

High School Students: There is All Access Meal Plan for residential students, which included breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday through Sunday. Commuting High School Students have an alternate meal plan, containing 10 meals. You receive your selected number of meals each Sunday of the semester.  At the close of the last meal period on Saturday, any unused meals expire and you receive a new allotment of All Access Meals or 10 meals for the following week. Only 1 meal can be used per meal period.

Yes, when you purchase a meal plan, you make a purchase for only one semester. This applies to upper-class students as well as high school students. You are billed per semester by Student Accounts in the Bursar's Office.

Every day, students on the residential meal plans (10, 175 & All Access meal plans) can swipe their One Card at Pickle Jar, the P.O.D Market and Library Café for exchange of a meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) in the Dining Hall for a select menu for the exchange. Students are allowed 7 meal exchanges per week.

Note: Remember the meal exchange is not available on block plan meals.

Late-Night meals can be obtained at the Pickle Jar Monday through Friday (7:30 pm – midnight). Designated items and meals will be available for the exchange. Ask about these meal equivalencies at the Pickle Jar. The late-night exchange allows students to eat 4 meals in a day. Students need to be aware that using this option if they have already eaten 3 meals may cause them to run out of meals before the end of the week or semester. Students will have to use Bonus Bucks or pay for the meal if they run out. College students can purchase block meals if they run out of meals prior to the end of the semester. 

Note: Remember the meal exchange is not available on block  plan meals.

The meal plan helps students to make a successful transition from living at home to living on their own. It helps with the socialization process as well.

It depends. All-you-care-to-eat meals are only for your use and you may use only one meal per meal period. If you would like to treat a friend, you can use your Guest Meals, Bonus Bucks, Pickle Dollars or use an additional meal if you’re on a Block Plan.

Students who purchases a Board Meal Plan receives 5 Guest Meals per semester that can be used at the student’s discretion. This means you can invite a friend or parent along for a meal or even have a second meal in the same period. Guest Meal balances do not transfer. Meal Exchange is not available for Guest Meals.

Your unused meal plan Bonus Bucks will transfer from fall to spring semester. Be sure to use them by the end of the spring semester. At the end of the spring semester, unused Bonus Bucks are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the new academic year.

Exceptions to the meal plan are made only for acute and severe health reasons or upon official withdrawal from the school. Appeals must be made to the Meal Plan Appeal Committee. See the Release from Meal Plan Process.

If you have any special dietary needs or concerns, please call Dining Services at (336) 770-3327. Our locations offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu items. You may also want to talk to the Director of Dining Services who can help you select appropriate menu items.

Your Meal Plan is encoded on your One Card. You must present this card when you eat a meal or make a purchase. Your meals will be deducted as appropriate. Only one meal can be used per meal period on the meal plans.

Report a lost One Card immediately so no one can use your card.

  • During business hours: Contact One Card Office at 336-770-1429
  • After business hours: Contact UNCSA Police Department (336) 770-3321 

You can also setup your One Card eAccount and freeze your card from there. UNC School of the Arts is not responsible for any funds expended or the use of any lost or stolen cards. In addition, you are responsible for any charges you may make or attempt to make on your ID card. The UNCSA One Card replacement fee is $15.

The first meal of the semester is on the day the residence halls open and the last meal to be served will be on the day the residence halls close.

Dining services is available in the Dining Hall during the holidays when school is in session.


Dining Services reviews and approves the pricing structures. Pricing must be competitive with similar operations. Some items such as many things in the P.O.D. Market come pre-priced from the supplier.

Our Dining Services Management team regularly monitors vendor services and products. We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding vendor services.

Contact Jeanette Valentine, Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services.
Phone: 336-770-3319

Her office is at the Central Receiving Building.