To-Go Boxes

Students, faculty or staff members who do not have time to sit down in the dining hall to eat a meal may purchase one eco-clam take-out box from the cashier as they enter. These are reusable containers that are environment friendly and will save on the cost of the 200+ containers used daily previously. Individuals who receive a take-out box may not consume any food while in the dining hall.

Get Your Own Eco-Clam Take-Out Box

  • Everyone must purchase their first Eco-Clam container to get items To-Go.
  • Cash, Checks, Pickle Dollars and Bonus Bucks will be accepted for purchase of the $5 Eco-Clam container.
  • To obtain a clean eco-clam container, you must return a used container or purchase a new one.
  • Used containers have to be emptied and rinsed before returning for exchange. Containers with leftover food, defaced or damage containers will not be accepted for exchange.
  • Container needs to be fully closed when leaving the Dining Hall.
  • Only 1 container can be used per meal.
  • Students, faculty & staff are responsible for safe keeping of their container between the breaks and summer session.
  • When a student is sick, he/she should obtain written verification from a Wellness Center or College Life professional staff member for their designee to present to the cashier on his/her behalf for getting a meal to go.