Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are supportive communities for staff and faculty sharing common interests, purposes, or activities. Through participation, UNCSA staff and faculty help foster a positive work environment by actively contributing to UNCSA’s EDIB values and goals.

Current Employee Resource Groups include:

  • Jewish Faculty and Staff
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff
  • Women Faculty and Staff
  • Native American and Indigenous Faculty and Staff
  • Black Faculty and Staff
  • Hispanic and Latinx Faculty and Staff
  • International Faculty and Staff
  • LGBTQIA+ Faculty and Staff

How to form a new Employee Resource Group

  1. Proposals for ERGs should be submitted to belonging@uncsa.edu
  2. Each ERG needs co-liaisons who will commit to the role for one year.
  3. A plan of action to meet two or three times a semester.

Employee Resource Groups Guiding Principles

  • The primary goal of ERGs is to promote openness, understanding, connections, and inclusiveness.
  • ERGs are designed to create a welcoming place for staff and faculty with shared interests to meet and support one another’s personal and professional goals.
  • ERG meetings should be communicated via the UNCSA Campus E-Newsletter.
  • ERGs are open to all employees.
  • Employee participation in ERGs is entirely voluntary.
  • ERGs may not charge membership dues or conduct fundraising.

October 27, 2023