EDIB Governance Committee (EDIB GC)


EDIB Governance Committee


  • The EDIB shared governance body advises administration, faculty, staff and students on campus diversity and climate. The EDIB GC values the contributions of each person and respects the profound ways their identity, culture, background, experience, status, abilities and opinion enrich the university community. As part of that community, this committee is committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching, outreach and diversity as absolute linked goals.
  • Will work collaboratively with and advise the future Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to provide direction, support and accountability for the implementation of university diversity plans.
  • Provides a framework for faculty, staff, student, and alumni participation in long-range planning and serves as a gateway of information to and from shared governance communities.
  • Reviews campus committees pursuing discrimination goals regarding missions and coordination.
  • Meets with campus leadership to discuss policy and progress on climate and diversity.
  • Makes regulation recommendations in regards to EDIB.
  • Reports annually to Faculty Council, Staff Council and Student Government.
  • Provides updated reports to all shared governance groups of the students, staff, faculty and the general public.


  • Three Faculty (Chosen at large)
  • Three Staff
  • Three Alumni
  • Three Community Members
  • Four Students (One student from Student Government, Grad Student Council, High School Student Government, and Artists of Color)
    • If a student organization or advocacy group does not want to participate, additional students from the larger campus community will be asked to serve on the committee.

Faculty, staff, alumni and community representatives shall serve a two-year staggered term and may be reappointed to a second consecutive two-year term. Students shall only serve a one-year term and are eligible for reappointment.

Note: In the first year of this committee, the term structure will be staggered, with 2/3 of the elected members being asked to serve a two-year term and the other asked to serve a one-year term.


  • Faculty: As this is not a standing faculty committee, any faculty in the second year of their first contract are eligible to serve. 
  • Staff: Membership will be pulled from the Staff at large. Staff currently serving on Staff Council are eligible.
  • Students: Will be chosen by each school’s (Undergraduate, Graduate and High School) student advocacy group and Artists of Color with no prerequisites.
  • Alumni: Will be chosen by the Manager of Alumni Relations in consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Advancement.
  • Community Members: Will be chosen by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Guidelines for Committee

  • An executive committee will be formed rather than a Chair/Vice Chair format. This will consist of Faculty, Staff and Student representatives. This will be voted on yearly at the last meeting of the committee. 
  • The EDIB GC members will be responsible for all secretarial duties for now. Event support through the CDO office is a possibility in the future.
  • Meetings will be up to two hours monthly, with the time TBD based on the needs of the committee.
  • CDO Office will act as general oversight of committee. Until such an office exists, the Provost Office shall act on behalf.