Academic Policies, Forms, Resources

Academic Policies, Forms, Resources

Key resources for student services, policies and forms that relate to advising students.

Who to contact for FAQs

Several departments and services are listed in the Current Students website under Campus Services.

Services for Students

There are certain policies that are unique to each school regarding how grades affect casting, etc. That should be clearly defined by school.

UNCSA Policy Manual

The Registrar's Office maintains student records, oversees registration, record grades and transcripts, etc.

Registrar's Office

Financial Aid Office

College Handbook
The College Handbook contains:

Undergraduate Bulletin

The following may be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin:

  • 2.0 GPA in DLA graduation requirement in the Bulletin
  • Undergraduate Policy on Student Probation and Continuation
  • Suspension Policy: Administrative Committee
  • Appeal of Final Course Grade
  • Non-exclusive License Agreement for Student Works and Intellectual Property