UNCSA Policy Manual



The online UNCSA Policy Manual is a compilation of updated and approved UNCSA policies maintained by the Secretary of the University. Disclaimer: The Policy Manual is still under development.  Please contact the appropriate office before acting on a policy to ensure you are using the most up-to-date version.



The policies are divided into eight sections based on subject matter. Most policies are followed by a corresponding procedure. The procedures are descriptive, operational processes or methods identified to implement policies. Often, the procedures also provide information on sequential tasks, personnel assignments and required resources. Once a policy is selected, simply scroll down to read the related procedure.

Note: UNCSA Foundation policies can be found on the forms, procedures and policies section of the UNCSA Foundation website.


Locating a desired policy may be accomplished by either clicking on the policy in the left navigation, or, if you know which policy you would like to view, you may search for it by keyword or number in site search.

Conflicting Provisions

To the extent that the UNCSA Policy Manual conflicts with the Board of Governors approved UNC Policy Manual, the UNC Policy Manual shall govern. Moreover, to the extent that the UNCSA Policy Manual conflicts with UNCSA department-specific polices or operating procedures, the UNCSA Policy Manual shall govern.