Staff Council Awards

UNCSA Staff Council solicits spring nominations for any of our dedicated staff employee for the Professional Excellence Award and the Community Service Award. These nominations and this recognition are opportunities we have as a campus community to give back and to show our appreciation to staff members for what they do and have done for us, for all of UNCSA and for the Winston-Salem community.

Anyone can nominate a staff person. The award recipients will receive $1,000 and will be nominated in UNC system-wide awards. Self-nomination is allowed for the Community Service Award.

Past Award Recipients

NC Governor's Annual Staff Award for Excellence in Public Service Award

  • 2019 Jack Waters, Facilities Management
  • 2016 TaWanna L. Archia, Student Affairs

UNC Staff Assembly Erskine B. Bowles Annual Staff Service Award

  • 2016 Joseph J. Rick, Student Affairs
  • 2013 Edwin H. Martinat III, Residence Life/Student Affairs

Staff Professional Excellence Award

  • 2022 Stephanie Colopy, School of Filmmaking
  • 2021 Clarisse Davis, Police & Public Safety
  • 2020 KayRon Lantz, School of Drama
  • 2019 Melony Texidor, Residence Life
  • 2018 Laurel N. Banks, Counseling Services
  • 2017 Todd M. Hoover, High School Academic Program
  • 2016 Christia R. Thomason, UNCSA Library
  • 2015 Diane J. Millette, Facilities Management
  • 2014 Mary A. Graves, Division of Liberal Arts

Staff Community Service Award

  • 2022 Darren Chiott, Student Financial Aid
  • 2021 Latonya Wright, Performance Facilities
  • 2020 Elizabeth White, Strategic Communications
  • 2019 Ramona Richmond, Residence Life
  • 2018 Jack Waters, Facilities Management
  • 2017 TaWanna L. Archia, Student Affairs
  • 2016 Joseph J. Rick, Student Affairs
  • 2015 Laurel N. Banks, Counseling Center
  • 2014 Leslie E. Kamtman, UNCSA Library

Staff Outstanding Service Award

  • 2013 Mary Jane Degnan, School of Drama
  • 2012 Edwin H. Martinat III, Residence Life/Student Affairs
  • 2011 Kay Bosworth, Stevens Center
  • 2010 Joseph Roberts, Facilities Services
  • 2009 Hector Mitchell, Facilities Services
  • 2008 Jamie Moore Facilities Services
  • 2007 Marla Carpenter, Communications & Marketing
  • 2006 Bebe Briggs, School of Dance
  • 2005 Trish A Garner Student Accounts/Financial Services
  • 2004 Alice C. Cook, Information Technologies
  • 2003 Bill Huesman, School of Music
  • 2002 Janice Wellerstein, School of Filmmaking