UNCSA Photography Portal

UNCSA Photography Portal

The UNCSA photography portal includes performance and event photos for the campus community to download for educational purposes or for portfolio use. All photos in the portal are watermarked with the UNCSA logo, and are available as low-resolution images for download. Assets are organized by conservatory, then year and then by production. Some general campus photography and faculty and staff headshots are also available.



Students can access the photography portal above using their UNCSA single sign-on credentials (see instructions below). Students are allowed to use photos in online portfolios to show work for classes or job interviews. You must credit the photographer on all online portfolios, and all photos must remain watermarked.

Faculty & Staff

All faculty and staff have access to the photography portal using their single sign-on credentials (see instructions below). High-resolution or non-watermarked photos may be requested for UNCSA recruiting or marketing purposes by emailing Melissa Upton-Julio.


Alumni do not have access to the photography portal, but can request photos for portfolio use only. Please note that assets date back to the 2010-11 school year. Photos from earlier years may be available through the UNCSA Archives Office

How to use the photography portal

Logging in

Select the "login using SSO" button. Then, enter your single sign-on credentials (your UNCSA email address and password). You may access the portal from on or off-campus.


Once logged in, you can either use the search bar at the top to look for a specific item, or you can select one of the collections below and navigate to the folder you are looking for.

Be sure to double check that the photos you are selecting are from the correct year — some performances have been produced more than once.

Downloading photos

To download a photo, follow these steps:

1. Select the photo you want to download and click on the download icon in the top left of the page (it looks like an arrow pointing down into a box).

2. A new window will pop up, then you can click the "Download" button in the bottom right corner of the window to complete the download.

Bulk download is not currently an option in the photography portal.

Photos are for educational purposes or for portfolio use only. Higher resolution and non-watermarked photos will only be made available upon request, with approval from the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications.

Terms and conditions

Access to and use of images in the UNCSA Photography Portal (Powered by Canto) is limited to the UNCSA community and its authorized agents. By accessing and using the images in the UNCSA Photography Portal, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, in addition to all UNCSA and UNC Board of Governors Policies.  

1. You are responsible for determining whether your intended uses are allowed under these terms and conditions.

2. The images in the UNCSA Photography Portal are from a variety of sources, and UNCSA may not have unlimited rights to use the images for any purpose, under contract and copyright law. You have no more rights than UNCSA, and the law does not require that the images bear notice of the copyright holder to receive full protection.

3. UNCSA does have rights to use all images for its own institutional and educational purposes. UNCSA students, faculty, staff and agents may download and use images for UNCSA purposes; which include portfolio use, informational use, and other uses consistent with the UNCSA mission.

4. The assets in this collection are intended for portfolio, institutional, educational and scholarly uses that are noncommercial in nature. Commercial uses are strictly prohibited without express written permission from the UNCSA Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications.

5. When you use assets for purposes other than portfolio or internal educational purposes, you must identify the image as determined by the UNCSA Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications. 

6. These terms and conditions are not intended to prohibit the exercise of fair use, educational and research use, or experimental use by UNCSA and its students, employees and agents, as permitted by the statutes and common law applicable to copyrights, patents and trademarks. 


For all photography portal-related questions, including access request, please contact Melissa Upton-Julio at uptonm@uncsa.edu or 336-631-1522