Web services

Staff, faculty and students are encouraged to contribute to maintaining current information on uncsa.edu.

Spot an error?

For help with minor web issues like the following, any one may submit a web update using the IT & Web Support portal. A link to the portal is in the footer of all UNCSA.edu web pages.

  • Broken links
  • Incorrect information
  • Changes to existing content
  • Typographical errors

Submit Web update

Building a digital campus

As part of the UNCSA's digital campus, Content Providers are embedded in various departments and schools and work with Strategic Communication to update the website for their area.  Content Providers have been training to use the campus' web content management system. See list of trained content providers.

Content Providers may:

  • Edit existing pages using the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Upload documents and images to existing pages.
  • Create and edit new pages in their section.
  • Submit content to a Web Producer for approval.

Web Producers are in Strategic Communications and can do all that Content Provider do and may:

  • Publish directly and approve content for publishing.
  • Edit HTML code
  • Rename, move and delete existing files
  • Edit site navigation
  • Provide one-on-one training

Content Management System (CMS) Administrator is in Information Technology Division.
In addition to the above access, the CMS Administrator

  • Create online forms.
  • Sets the access for users.
  • Provides training and troubleshooting for the content management system.
  • Curates and distributes analytic reports to schools or departments.

Advisory and Oversight

Strategic Communications Division
Strategic Communications Division is the authoritative voice for UNCSA.edu. This division oversees the content and design of future content in collaboration with Information Technologies and business departments or schools. Strategic Communication has the authority and manges the following:

  • Online brand strategy, digital strategy and content strategy
  • Homepage and top-level, marketing-critical content (school landing page, features, etc.)
  • Related aspects fo the digital presence like social media presence
  • Content and design of future portal/intranet pages, in collaboration with IT
  • Development of, communication about and enforcement of policies, guidelines, standards and processes
  • Online brand guide, editorial style and web style guide
  • Leadership for nurturing the University's website Content Producers as a community of digital communicators.
  • Ongoing design support for new graphics, photography, video, templates and other customized visual elements that schools and departments will add to their pages
  • Enhancement to the content management system (CMS) and new page templates
  • Support and training for Content Producers.
  • Web analytics and feedback to the UNCSA divisions
  • Compliance, accessibility, copyright and privacy issues.
  • Consultation and collaboration within the approved web governance plan.

Administrative Cabinet
Members of the Administrative Cabinet are the executive sponsors for UNCSA's digital presence.