High School Tuba & Euphonium

High School Tuba & Euphonium

As a high school music student in the tuba & euphonium studio at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, you will be part of a vibrant school of musicians as dedicated to refining their craft as you are.

High School Diploma

You will be able to focus on your passion for music while also pursuing traditional academic courses in the high school program. The high school tuba & euphonium program is designed to have a modern curriculum that offers practical courses and performance skills. You will attend weekly one-on-one lessons with your major teacher where you can develop your artistic sound, and studio master classes where you will perform in front of your colleagues and instructor, getting feedback and cultivating confidence as a performer on stage. High school tuba and high school euphonium performance opportunities include large and chamber ensembles, along with a weekly Performance Hour with your high school and college peers throughout the School of Music.

The high school music intensive curriculum is balanced by the academic classroom – 9th and 10th graders are required to take at least four academic courses, 11th graders at least three academic courses and 12th graders at least two. High school musicians graduate with a diploma, with the option to work toward an additional “Concentration in Music” designation.

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