Three key ways to reduce vehicle theft, break-ins

Hide your valuables, lock your doors, take your keysDid you know that 90% of vehicles that are broken into are unlocked? Theft is typically a crime of opportunity as the thief wants to get in and out of the area as quickly and easily as possible. We wanted to share this to help you remember three key ways you can help to reduce your chances of being the victim of a crime.

#1. Hide your valuables

The nice laptop, purse, or camera laying on the seat is a prime target for thieves. While taking these items with you into your dorm or residence is the best way to keep them safe, putting them out of sight will work in a pinch!

#2. Lock your doors

Like we said earlier, most car break-ins happen because the doors are unlocked. While thieves will sometimes break a window or force entry into a car another way, they are typically just checking for unlocked doors as this is the easiest and quietest way to get in and out quickly.

#3. Take your keys

You’d be surprised at how many people leave their doors unlocked with their keys in the ignition. If a thief is looking for a new set of wheels, leaving your keys just makes it that much easier for them! Just take them with you, and use that fancy key fob to lock the doors while you’re at it.
We hope these tips help to keep your property safe while you’re on campus this year! Remember, if you see suspicious activity you can give us a call 24 hours a day at (336) 770-3321 or by using our RAVE Safety App available on the App Store or Google Play.

Contact: Eddie Dove

Sept. 1, 2022

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