Candidate’s Guide to the Faculty Rank Promotion Process

This guide is intended to provide a Candidate for Faculty Rank Promotion a general overview of the process. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kim Pauley (336-770-3261) in the Office of Faculty Affairs.

Before You Begin

  • To determine your eligibility, please see the Rank Promotion Eligibility Paths.  Faculty who are eligible to apply for rank promotion are strongly encouraged to discuss their readiness for rank promotion with their dean before submitting a Letter of Intent.  

  • Read the guidance documents and review the forms on this web page so that you understand what is expected of you.

  • Attend Faculty Rank Promotion informational workshops to understand what will be expected of you.  Look for workshop announcements in your email and the My SA announcements or contact your Faculty Rank Committee representative for workshop dates/times.


    Start thinking about external reviewers that you and your dean can agree upon.
  • Faculty who elect to apply for rank promotion during a rank promotion eligible year outside of their contract reappointment evaluation year may not use any prior evaluative materials.
  • It may be helpful to add deadlines into your calendar.

What Guidance Documents Will Be Helpful?

What Forms Are Required from the Candidate?

Procedures and Deadlines

Letter of Intent for Rank Promotion (Due May 1)

Submit the Letter of Intent for Rank Promotion to Faculty Affairs. Email your Letter of Intent to

Rank Promotion Packet (Due September 1)


  1. Faculty Affairs will initiate your case in Interfolio RPT after you submit your Letter of Intent.  This is where you’ll upload your Rank Promotion Packet materials. You will receive an email from the Office of Faculty Affairs via the Interfolio platform with a link to “View Case”.  Instructions for using Interfolio RPT will be included in your case initiation notification email and can also be found on the Interfolio Login and Help page. 
  2. Until your case is created, you may assemble your materials in Interfolio’s Dossier Institution.  Information about using Dossier to prepare for reviews can be found here.
  3. More information about preparing your Rank Promotion Packet can be found in Packet Requirements for Rank Promotion and the Packet Checklist for Rank Promotion. Be sure to read these – it provides specific details about your packet requirements. Of note, Procedures for Faculty Self-Evaluation for Rank Promotion and the sample evaluations are designed to help you write your self-evaluation and Engaged & Sustained Résumé. And it’s important to read because packets that don’t meet the requirements will be returned.
  4. Upload your Rank Promotion Packet to Interfolio RPT.  The due date is September 1

External Reviews

  1. Submit the External Reviewer Nomination Form as part of your Rank Promotion packet which is due September 1. Your dean will use this to aid in the selection of external reviewers.
  2. Your dean will work with you to select a minimum of 3 external reviewers. One will be from your External Reviewer Nomination Form. The second will be selected jointly by you and your Dean and may or may not be drawn from your Nomination Form. The Dean has discretion to select the final reviewer from your Nomination Form or select someone of his/her own choosing.
  3. Your Dean will send a letter to the approved external reviewers asking them to provide a review.  If they agree, your Dean will send them the External Reviewer Evaluation for Rank Promotion. This form has links to the guidance documents "Definitions & Sample Criteria for ESP Rank Promotion" and "Guidelines for Reviewers of Rank Promotion Applications". Your Dean will also send your packet materials using the Interfolio RPT platform.
  4. Your external reviewers will upload the External Reviewer Evaluation for Rank Promotion to Interfolio RPT for the Dean’s review. 
  5. More information about the external reviewer process (including how to choose an external reviewer, how many reviewers you need, the procedure for soliciting external reviews and what happens to review letters) can be found in External Review Guidelines for Candidates & Deans for Rank Promotion. Another helpful document is the External Reviews FAQ.

Peer Review Committee Evaluation

  1. Your Peer Review Committee will complete its review and upload the Peer Review Committee Evaluation for Rank Promotion to Interfolio RPT by October 28 for the Dean’s review. 
  2. If you have questions about the Peer Review Committee process in your school/division, please contact your Office of the Dean.

Dean’s Evaluation

Your Dean will complete his/her review and upload the Dean’s Evaluation for Rank Promotion to Interfolio RPT by December 13.   

Faculty Rank Committee Review

The Faculty Rank Committee will complete its review and upload its recommendation to Interfolio RPT by April 1.

Provost Review

After the Faculty Rank Committee completes its review, your case will go to the Provost for review. The Provost will present his/her recommendations to the Board of Trustees at its last meeting of the academic year and the Board will vote on those rank promotion recommendations. See Procedures & Deadlines for Rank Promotion for specific dates.

Notification to Candidate

After the Board of Trustees has voted, Faculty Affairs will send you a notification letter via the Interfolio RPT platform.