FAQs for External Reviews


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No. Only faculty members being evaluated for a 5-year or 10-year contract or applying for rank promotion go through external review.

No. External review is only for faculty members going through an evaluation for a new 5-year or first 10-year contract or applying for rank promotion.

No.  Faculty who elect to apply for rank promotion in a rank promotion eligible year but outside their contract reappointment evaluation year may not use any prior evaluative materials.


Each faculty member is required to have three external reviews. One external reviewer is selected by the faculty member, one is selected by the dean, and one is negotiated between the two. See External Review Guidelines for Candidates & Deans for Contract Reappointment Evaluation or Guidelines for External Reviews for Rank Promotion for more information.

Reviewers may be individuals who know the candidate through professional interactions. External reviewers may not be members of the UNCSA faculty or a current UNCSA employee or student, and should be selected so as to minimize the possibility of conflicts of interest; actual, potential, or apparent. Outside reviewers should not be selected from among those with whom the candidate has had familial or close personal relationships. Former UNCSA employees may be considered, so long as there is no familial or close personal relationship between the individual and the faculty member.

The biographical information should be sufficient to provide an overview of the individual and why you believe they would be a good external reviewer. Information can be drawn from public sources such as websites, LinkedIn, etc. Recommendations should be accompanied by brief statements supporting the choices and stating any current or previous relationship. The statements should include brief bios of the proposed reviewers including their professional/artistic credentials, most recent professional accomplishments, and a summary of their creative activities and scholarly work. If a member of the faculty needs assistance with this process they can contact their dean or a Faculty Rank Committee representative.

Yes, the external reviews will be an open component of your case. The external reviewer will be aware that this is an open process at the time that he/she writes your review.  Faculty Affairs will send your external reviews to you at the conclusion of the rank promotion process. 

External reviewers can be asked to evaluate any component of the faculty member’s professional activities, under the categories of service, teaching, and creative activity/research. An external reviewer must evaluate at least one of those categories, but may evaluate additional categories depending on their background.

No. Given UNCSA’s mission, external reviewers could be employed by any number of agencies in a variety of sectors. Reviewers should be highly regarded and recognized professionals in the candidate's field and able to evaluate the quality, productivity, and significance of his/her professional activity.