Faculty Rank Committee

The Faculty Rank Committee is responsible for facilitating the process of faculty rank at UNCSA. This committee ensures that the policies and procedures for rank promotion are followed.

2023-24 Committee Members:

  • Co-Chairs: Steve LaCosse, Greg Walter (ex-officio)
  • High School Academic Program: Paul Pfefferkorn (year 2); Alt: Aaron Willey
  • Division of Liberal Arts: Elizabeth Klaimon (year 1); Alt: Joe Mills
  • Filmmaking: Janos Kovacsi (year 2); Alt: Laura Hart McKinney
  • Design & Production: Bill Volz (year 2); Alt: Eric RImes
  • Music: Steve LaCosse (year 2); Alt: John Beck
  • Dance: Sean Sullivan (year 1); Alt: Dayna Fox
  • Drama: Greg Walter (year 1); Alt: Geordie MacMinn