EHRA Employment (EHRA)

University positions are administered in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the State Human Resources Act (SHRA). Positions covered by the Act are referred to as SHRA positions. Four categories of positions have been largely exempted from coverage under the Act. Positions considered Exempt from the Human Resources Act (EHRA) fall in these categories:

  • Instructional positions
  • Research positions
  • Public Service / Extension positions
  • Senior Academic & Administrative Officer (SAAO) positions


Talent Management (PeopleAdmin)  Documents

Search Committee Documents

Recruitment Documents

Hiring Process Forms for All Employment

  • Federal W-4: Log in to your E-Z Arts account, go to Employee tab and select Tax Forms or download the PDF on IRS website
    Note: For nonresident aliens, see Notice 1392 on the IRS website for further instructions.
  • State NC-4EZ (Electronic form using single sign on credentials)
  • State NC-4 (PDF) on NC Department of Revenue website