The Payroll Office is a unit within the Controller’s Office. This office provides timely and accurate compensation payments to University employees. It keeps and submits necessary data, records and reports. The office complies with acceptable business and regulatory standards and by University policies. 

Forms and Documents

Tax Forms Information

  • Federal W-4 (Electronic form using UNCSA single sign-on credentials) 
  • State NC-4EZ (Electronic form using UNCSA single sign-on credentials)
  • State NC-4 (Electronic form using UNCSA single sign-on credentials)
Foreign National - Nonresident Aliens
  • Federal W-4 (Electronic form using UNCSA single sign-on credentials. See Notice 1392 on the IRS website for further instructions.)
  • State NC-4 NRA (Electronic form using UNCSA single sign-on credentials)

If you need any assistance with filling out the W-4 online, download step-by-step guide to E-Z Arts instructions (PDF), or contact Betty Tilley at or Jarrett Bailey at For advice on filing status and number of exemptions to claim, contact an individual income tax professional or the IRS offers an online withholding calculator. Payroll also offered a class in Understanding Your Pay Stub (PowerPoint). Please read how to access your pay stub (PDF).

Direct Deposit

You can securely complete a direct deposit online by logging in using your UNCSA single-sign-on credentials. Paper Direct Deposit forms also can be submitted in person or by mail. Do not send forms through email or by fax. Any direct deposit forms received after the 15th of the month may not be effective until the next payroll cycle. If there is an emergency regarding your current direct deposit account, contact the Payroll Office. 

Submitting your biweekly payroll

Hourly non-student and student employees

Note: Federal Work Study employees should contact the UNCSA Financial Aid office.

Instructions for:

Submitting your monthly payroll

2024 Payroll Dates for Monthly Payroll. See 2024 Detail Deadlines Schedule (PDF) for due dates regarding Human Resources and Payroll deadlines.

Beginning Date End Date Pay Date
1/1/2024 1/31/2024 1/31/2024
2/1/2024 2/29/2024 2/29/2024
3/1/2024 3/31/2024 3/28/2024
4/1/2024 4/30/2024 4/30/2024
5/1/2024 5/31/2024 5/31/2024
6/1/2024 6/30/2024 6/28/2024
7/1/2024 7/31/2024 7/31/2024
8/1/2024 8/31/2024 8/30/2024
9/1/2024 9/30/2024 9/30/2024
10/1/2024 10/31/2024 10/31/2024
11/1/2024 11/30/2024 11/27/2024
12/1/2024 12/31/2024 12/20/2024

Payroll Office Staff

Betty Tilley, Payroll & Taxation Manager
Phone: 336-770-1302

Matt Horvat, Assistant Controller
Phone: 336-770-3305

Payroll Fax: 336-734-2920