On Demand: "Waiting in the Wings"

The School of Dance presents a new dance work commissioned for seniors in the Contemporary Dance program. Choreographer Larry Keigwin, celebrated for creating acclaimed virtual works in the COVID-19 world of online dancemaking, sets his electrifying and refreshing vision to music by contemporary composer Curtis Macdonald.

"Waiting in the Wings" is a journey through the eyes of a dancer from the street to the dressing room, to warming up backstage to the full stage experience. The film is a collaboration between School of Dance, Filmmaking and Design & Production students, faculty, staff and alumni.

"It's a journey that the audience watches from the perspective of the dancer, but also from the voyeuristic perspective as well," says Keigwin, adding that "We've been missing the theater for the past year and I hope that the audience feels a sense of anticipation and excitement."

watch the "working in the wings" behind-the-scenes video

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April 23, 2021