Campus Grounds and Facility Access Regulation 404

Regulation 404 Approved: July 21, 2020
Campus Grounds and Facility Access
Regulation 404
Source of Authority: UNC Code ยง 702
Revision Authority: Chancellor

First Issued: July 21, 2020

Related Policies/Regulations: Facilities Use 402
Responsible Offices: Chancellor
Administrative Cabinet
Effective Date: July 21, 2020
  1.  This regulation is intended to ensure:
    • The safety and protection of UNCSA students, faculty, staff, guests, and property.
    • Certainty for the ability to question individuals on campus or in campus facilities.
    • Uniform and consistent application of the regulation to all individuals.
    • This regulation is not intended to preempt or modify residence hall curfews, visitation and guest rules, or specific facility access hours and use regulations.
  2.  Between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. (Restricted Hours), no individuals are authorized to be on campus grounds or in campus facilities other than currently-enrolled students, faculty, staff, authorized officers and agents of the University, authorized guests, and those individuals identified in NCGS 116-212.
  3.  Campus Police may stop individuals on campus grounds or in campus facilities during Restricted Hours, and ask for identification and reasons for being on campus or in campus facilities.
  4.  A valid UNCSA One Card will be sufficient proof of authorization to be on campus or in campus facilities during Restricted Hours, subject to all other regulations, rules, and policies.
  5.  If the individual is not authorized to be on campus, police may escort the individual off campus, or detain and charge the individual with a Class 2 misdemeanor, pursuant to NCGS 116-213.
  6.  This Regulation does not apply to the Stevens Center, Center Stage Apartments, the Center for Design Innovation, or property leased by UNCSA and not under its complete control.
  7.  Individuals who are not already authorized through vendor, guest, or other UNCSA procedures, may request authorization to access campus or campus facilities during Restricted Hours by contacting the UNCSA Police and Public Safety Department at 336-770-3321.
  8.  In the event of a catastrophic weather incident; an outbreak of a serious communicable disease; physical damage, destruction, or unavailability of the work site due to fire or other unexpected conditions; or other such significant emergencies, the Chancellor may enact more restrictive access regulations.