Statement on Freedom of Speech and Expression

Freedom of Speech and Expression on the UNCSA Campus

Welcome to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts campus. UNCSA encourages the lawful exercise of free speech and dissemination of information to the campus community, provided that the time, place, and manner of the dissemination of information and materials does not interfere with UNCSA’s mission, disrupt the operations of the institution, or damage UNCSA facilities.

Limited Public Forums on Campus

You are welcome to use open common areas on campus to exercise your free speech rights – within limits. Our UNCSA Facilities Use Policy 402 details the time, place, and manner rules to ensure that the campus is not disrupted, and the UNC Board of Governors Policy 1300.8, Free Speech and Free Expression Within the University of North Carolina System, provides additional guidance.

All exercises of free speech must be conducted in a manner that ensures campus pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic are not unreasonably impeded, and so that members of the UNCSA community may proceed with their normal campus activities, without disruption.

For example, no sound amplification is allowed without prior permission. We won’t restrict what you say, but we will restrict how loudly you say it. Handing your literature to passersby or inviting them to engage in conversation is allowed, but aggressively pursuing and confronting students is a disruption of their normal activities.

All we ask is that you respect the mission of the institution and the privacy rights of the students, faculty, and staff, by maintaining the environment of teaching and learning – which is our primary purpose.

Posters and Dissemination of Materials

Bulletin boards labeled “General Purpose” are provided at locations on campus. These bulletin boards may be used for commercial purposes, informational purposes, or for solicitation of charitable contributions, and may be used by any person or group, without prior approval.

Materials may not be attached to any other surfaces, and disseminated materials may not cause unreasonable littering or interference with campus infrastructure.

Questions can be addressed to the UNCSA Office of the General Counsel.