Access Control

Access Control

UNCSA’s Access Control system exists to strengthen our campus’ safety stance and allows for a “one button lockdown” in emergent situations. Campus exterior doors, and many interior door locations, operate in a controlled, card accessible state, with card access permissions assigned on an as-needed basis. Access permissions are assigned by a Building Access Coordinator (BAC), dean/department-head designees that are approved to oversee the access needs of their respective areas.

There are three classifications for BAC: 

Faculty/Staff BAC

Faculty/Staff BAC is responsible for access pertaining to faculty/staff (new hires, access changes within department, etc.).

Student BAC

Student BAC is responsible for access pertaining to students (special access requests, such as practice rooms or editing locations).

Backup BAC

Backup BAC is authorized to perform duties of either the Faculty/Staff BAC or the Student BAC but must always copy the primary BAC on the request so as to maintain clear communications.


While most Building Access Groups have only one set of BACs, there are some groups that have multiple; these are primarily administrative departments that share a single Building Access Group. These same administrative departments are less likely to require a Student BAC, but one may be designated if desired.


If you require access to an area, please contact the area’s overseeing BAC.

BACs may also request door unlocks for special events and/or performances.

BACs can review PSICOM Forms for instructions for submitting Access Control related requests.

PSICOM issues Access Roster Reports, that detail which access plans are assigned to which individuals, to BACs and deans/department-heads bi-annually for review and updating.