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CloudPOS (Sequoia BackOffice) Account Request Form

The Sequoia Account Request Form is to be used when requesting access be established for a new cashier. Include all required information and list all locations that the new cashier will need to have access. Email the completed form to


Building Access Coordinator Delegation

Building Access Coordinators (BAC) play a critical role in keeping our campus buildings safe and secure. By knowing the people who work in your building, you know who can have access to an electronically secured building during off hours and who can access specific rooms, labs and offices.

The BAC Delegation form is used to assign or change authorization or approval authority of BACs. There are three classifications for BAC: Fac/Staff BAC, Student BAC, and Backup BAC.

The BAC delegation form must be completed by the overseeing area’s dean or department-head.

View Area BACs

BAC Delegation update can be submitted by an area’s Dean/Dept Head or a current BAC via the PSICOM Support Portal.


Building Access Authorization, Student Access, and/or Door Requests

When an employee is hired, moves to another department or their access needs change, a Building Access Coordinator completes an Access Assignment Update via the PSICOM Support Portal. Building access authorizations and other access-related requests should be submitted through the assigned Building Access Coordinator (BAC).

Access Assignment Update

Transact System Access Packet

The Transact System Access Packet is to be completed when requesting and/or modifying access to the Transact system. This form may be completed digitally and then printed. All signatures must be hand-signed and original forms may be delivered via inter-office mail to PSICOM.

Download Transact System Access Packet (PDF)


Questions may be submitted via the PSICOM Support Portal.