Faith Fidgeon


Spotsylvania, Virginia

School of DanceFourth-Year Student

Faith Fidgeon is twenty-one years old and originally from Spotsylvania, Virginia. At UNCSA, Faith has performed works by José Limón, Robert Battle and Ming-Lung Yang. In addition to their stage performances, they’ve worked closely with UNCSA’s film department to dance in several notable projects such as "Black Warrior" and Longleaf Film Festival’s Best Drama, "échappé" directed by Rebecca Walters.

Outside of school, Faith has worked on performance art installations and projects such as Interstitial installations by Chris Yon and Taryn Griggs, Los Angeles Opera Digital Short and the Winston Salem Symphony’s "Valentines Mixtape." This year, Faith is a part of UNCSA’s third year of Studio for Creative Practice where they work on developing their creative process and collaborating with fellow artists. Their research includes the gender binary and social gender constructs in public restroom spaces, blurring the lines between performer and viewer, and looking at the number of malleable elements within a singular art piece.

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