Kendall Ramirez


Charlotte, North Carolina

School of DanceFourth-Year Student

Kendall Ramirez grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is currently a fourth-year contemporary dance major at UNCSA. During their time at UNCSA, she has performed staged works by Alex Brady, Juel Lane, José Limón, Ashley Lindsey and Ming-Lung Yang. Kendall has been cast in several projects by Filmmaking students at UNCSA and finds collaboration to be an essential part of art-making. Moreover, they have been a part of multiple Winston-Salem based projects, including dancing in the Winston-Salem Symphony’s virtual Valentine’s Mixtape and the Old Salem Museums & Gardens “Hidden Town” Project. 

In the fall of 2020, Kendall was a part of an artistic pilot program at UNCSA, The Studio for Creative Practice. This program encompassed research-based projects amounting to multiple collaborative and self-made multimedia art pieces and installations. Kendall is currently interested in exploring intersections between experiences of grief, questioning, collaboration, storytelling and restorative justice.

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