Stage Combat Curriculum

Stage Combat Curriculum

Introduction to Stage Combat

Separate sections for high school and college/adult

With specific sections geared to both high school students (age 15 and up) and college/adult students, this workshop covers the eight basic disciplines recognized by the SAFD: unarmed/hand-to-hand, rapier and dagger, knife, single sword/swashbuckling, broadsword, sword and shield, small sword and quarterstaff. The emphasis is on development of technique rather than performance, with a focus on accuracy and safety. Students will achieve personal understanding and command of their bodies as they relate to theatrical physical conflict. Films and special sessions with guest artists are also featured in this program. 


Basic Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency

This intensive course prepares students for the SAFD Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency Test in unarmed, rapier & dagger and broadsword. Students spend more than 30 hours learning to safely perform fight choreography in each of the three disciplines, with additional classes in other weapon styles. Partnering skills, character objectives, and beat work within fight scenes are also explored, coached and rehearsed. The course concludes with a presentation of fight scenes for adjudication by SAFD Fight Masters. The skills taught in this course are valuable to acting teachers as well as actors.


Advanced Actor Combatant Skills Proficiency

This specialized course to trained actor fighters goes beyond the techniques required for the Skills Proficiency Test and focuses on the dramatic application of stage combat. With limited enrollment, the course is open to actor/combatants who are well versed in weapons styles used in film, television and live theatre and offers actors the opportunity to hone their skills at a highly sophisticated level and advanced techniques. Scene work is integral to the course, which is essentially an acting course with theatrical violence props.  Students may renew their SAFD certification in specific disciplines and test in additional weapon styles.