Drama Summer Intensive Curriculum

Drama Summer Intensive Curriculum

Students in the School of Drama's Summer Intensive will receive comprehensive actor training in this rigorous 4-week program. Students will spend at least six hours per day, five days a week, in dance, acting and singing classes.  Both script work and improvisation are included in acting classes, with ample time for collaboration and discussion.

A unique  feature of this intensive is the opportunity for all students to participate in Evening Investigation Workshops.  Students may choose from a wide range of master classes and workshops taking place in the evening.  Also included is the Play-In-A-Day Saturday performance series where students create original plays - as writers, directors, actors, producers and stage managers.  Students perform their Saturday plays for drama students in our Studio 634 performance space. 

A College Auditioning workshop will be held in the third week for students who want to learn about the audition process.

Evening Investigation Workshops:

  • Acting for the Camera – Explore the craft of acting in front of a camera. Students will gain skills in acting technique and important on-camera experience.
  • Musical Theatre - This workshop will expand singing skills, and performance presence, and will hone acting skills in song.
  • Directing – This workshop explores theatrical directing concepts and provides students ample time to work with actors and discuss the craft of making theatre.
  • Shakespeare – A close study of the incredible text of William Shakespeare and how to fully embody heightened text. Everyone who takes this workshop becomes a better actor.
  • Improvisation – Theater games, comedy, thinking on your feet, living in the moment: this workshop uses the work of Viola Spolin to structure a fantastic class. Prepare to laugh a lot!
  • Combat Directors Intensive – Students work directly with combat skills to take their training to the next level.
  • College Audition Preparation – This workshop includes discussion of specific schools, monologue selection, application timeline, essay work, monologue direction and interview discussions.

The session ends with a full day of demonstrations, showcase presentations and an invitation into the classroom for parents and families.