Portfolio Requirements

All supplemental application documentation including portfolio documents must be submitted as part of the application by the listed film school deadline. Applicants who do not meet the minimum criteria and have not completed all supplemental documents will not be evaluated by faculty for admission.

The portfolio should demonstrate your artistic talents and interests and should include any one or more of the following examples of creative work:

  • Short film(s) or clips of your work shot on film or video (total combined time should be 10 minutes or less.)
  • Still photographs demonstrating your eye for lighting, color, and composition
  • Hand-drawn sketches, paintings, or computer-aided drawings (not necessarily related to film) that demonstrate your graphic ability and artistic vision
  • Photographs of any three dimensional work (models, sculpture) you have designed
  • Written work: short stories, screenplays, or essays
  • Elements of theatrical productions in which you have worked in any capacity
Rachael Garrett
Filmmaking Admissions Counselor

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