Apply & Audition


Apply & Audition

Applying to UNCSA is a little different from applying to a traditional college or university. Because we are an arts conservatory, we conduct auditions and interviews with all of our applicants. We believe it’s the best way to evaluate the true artistic gifts and professional potential of young artists. Please check your conservatory and degree level of interest for audition requirements.

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At UNCSA, you apply for admission to a specific program in one of our five conservatories — Dance, Design & Production, Drama, Filmmaking or Music — each of which has its own admissions process and requirements. Visit the Admissions site for the conservatory you plan to apply for to learn more.

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Want to see where you will live, work and create as an artist at UNCSA? We offer Campus Tours several days a week, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the spaces used by students in each of our arts conservatories, as well as common study and dining spaces on campus.

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Admissions Team

Director of Admissions
Paul Razza
Paul serves as the Director of the Admissions Department for UNCSA.
Robert Myers
Rob serves as the Liaison for the School of Dance.
Design & Production
Monique Nottke
Monique serves as the Liaison for the School of Design & Production, including High School Visual Arts.
Bill Poole
Bill serves as the Liaison for the School of Drama.
Film Counselor
Maura serves as the Interim Liaison for the School of Filmmaking.
Natalie Parker
Natalie serves as the Liaison for the School of Music.