International Admissions

UNCSA consists of five art conservatories that are ranked both nationally and globally as the place to be creative, to grow in your art and to express what is uniquely you to the art world. International students representing more than 20 countries from across the globe are enrolled in all five of the arts disciplines, and represent all age groups, from the high school through the graduate programs.

Some examples of the services provided to international students are:

  • English as a Second Language instruction
  • Advising support
  • Assistance with cultural assimilation and integration within the UNCSA community

The application process for international students includes a few additional documents and a $130 non-refundable application fee. Additional documents and minimum test score requirements are listed in the "Required Application Documents" Admissions section for each conservatory.

For more information about the application process for international students, contact UNCSA's International Designated School Officials:

Ronit Weingarden
International Advisor, PDSO

Welcome. If you are a prospective, admitted or current international student, I am here to assist you and answer your questions about being an international student on UNCSA’s campus.

Contact Ronit

Sheeler Lawson
International Designated School Official

Hello! Let me know if you have any questions specific to international student requirements.

Contact Sheeler

Clyde Howell
International Designated School Official

Greetings! I'm happy to help our international student applicants with any admission requirements.

Contact Clyde