Alumni Work on Disney+

Alumni Work on Disney+

See alumni work on films available on Disney+, like Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders in the live-action adaptation of "Aladdin" and film alumnus Zene Baker, who is an editor for "WandaVision." 



  • Catherine Linebarger (Film) - post production supervisor (season 2 finale, season 3)

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

  • Tyler Blythe (Film) - sound mixer
  • Alyssa Knittle (Film) - visualization artist
  • Scott Smoot (Film) - visualization artist

The Mandalorian

  • Jeff Seibenick (Film) - editor

Secrets of Sulphur Springs

  • Tony Ziegler (Film) - lead person


  • Zene Baker (Film) - editor
  • Tyler Blythe (Film) - sound mixer

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

  • Catherine Linebarger (Film) - post-production supervisor



  • Billy Magnussen (Drama) - "Prince Anders"


  • Chris Diamantides (D&P) - makeup artist (uncredited)
  • Joseph Blankinship (Film) - technocrane technician

Avengers: Infinity War

  • Chris Diamantides (D&P) - makeup artist (uncredited)
  • Joseph Blankinship (Film) - technocrane technician: second unit

Avengers: Endgame

  • Chris Diamantides (D&P) - makeup artist (uncredited)
  • Joseph Blankinship (Film) - libra head technician: second unit, additional photography

Captain America: Civil War

  • Chris Diamantides (D&P) - makeup artist

Cars 3

  • Eric Barker (Film) - asst. editor


  • Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Drama) - voice of "Frida Khalo"

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • Rhoda Griffis (Drama) - "Sneeper Madame"

Hamilton: An American Musical

  • Erin Benim Mayland (Music) - Concertmaster
  • Paul Tazewell (D&P) - costume design

Incredible 2

  • Ben Morris (Film) - asst. editor

Inside Out

  • Ben Morris (Film) - editorial asst.

Iron Man

  • Tim Guinee (Drama) - Major Allen

Iron Man 2

  • Tim Guinee (Drama) - Major Allen

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

  • Christopher Frith (Film) - asst. editor


  • Eric Barker (Film) - first asst. editor

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

  • Will Files (Film) - sound designer

Thor: Ragnarok

  • Zene Baker (Film) - editor
  • Joseph Blankinship (Film) - libra head technician

Toy Story 4

  • Ben Morris (Film) - asst. editor

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