Practicing healthy conversations with Ombuds

OmbudsJanuary 2024 is here. As we begin a new year, considering adding UNCSA Ombuds Jill Crainshaw on your list of people to see. 

As Ombuds, Jill is committed to journeying alongside staff, faculty and graduate students who want to practice healthy conversations.

What does an Ombuds do? The Ombuds Office provides a confidential, informal, impartial and independent space for you to consider healthy responses to workplace conflicts and challenges. Jill is also eager to join you in conversations about professional growth, managing stress and more. 

Ombuds looks forward to connecting with you in 2024. Again, remember that all Ombuds conversations are confidential, informal and impartial. Conversations are also independent from formal university processes.

Arrange a meeting

You can reach the Ombuds Office by phone at 336-972-9182 or by confidential email at

Contact: Jill Crainshaw

Jan. 26, 2024