Maintaining and Expanding Industry Relevance

Strategic Plan

Maintaining and Expanding Industry Relevance

The arts and entertainment industries are constantly evolving, and it is critical that UNCSA students graduate with the skills, knowledge and connections they need to ensure a successful transition from school to a creative professional life. UNCSA will continue to enhance its strong ties to the global industry and empower our students to be at the forefront of arts and entertainment in their careers.

Industry Relevance Progress Updates

Connecting Artists

• Establish UNCSA alumni advisory panels for each conservatory. 

• Explore and formalize professional industry partnerships with each conservatory. 

Creating New Curricular Options

• Advance curriculum development for inter- and multi-disciplinary tracks and minors within degrees. 

• Implement additional concentrations within existing degree programs that respond to current global career and market opportunities for graduates. 

• Create and implement a new degree completion initiative for former students, leveraging in-person and remote learning resources and connecting past training with current opportunities and career directions. 

Empowering Artists

• Align career and industry readiness courses across all programs and integrate core skills in building a digital footprint for all artists. 

• Develop core competencies related to intellectual property for all students and create experiential learning opportunities in publishing media. 

• Create a media publishing initiative for UNCSA that leverages the network and resources of the institution to help alumni and faculty advance their creative work and intellectual property.

Industry Relevance Committee Members

Karen Beres,
Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs

Michael Kelley,
Dean, School of Design and Production

Deborah LaVine,
Dean, School of Filmmaking

Rebecca Nussbaum,
Director of Career Development & Community Engagement

Lissy Garrison,
Vice Chancellor for AdvancementAdvancement