Health and Wellness

Strategic Plan

Health and Wellness

The health and well-being of UNCSA students, faculty and staff are integral to academic, professional and personal success and represent a vital asset within the portfolio of student life offerings. 


Mental Health Support Infrastructure

  • Establish a common health and wellness framework for living and working at UNCSA and in arts and entertainment industries. 
  • Promote and prioritize mental health awareness throughout the campus community through expanded onboarding, training and mentorship programs. 

Student Well-Being and Safety

  • Strengthen student support staff and resources in safety and wellness, with a focus on advocacy and assessment services, and expand educational and training resources. 
  • Develop new programs that promote implementing and sustaining healthy lifestyle habits, including nutrition and fitness. 
  • Develop and integrate instruction/ coaching on mindfulness and time management throughout the educational experience. 

Campus Workload Balance

(This initiative is also a part of the Interdisciplinary Work in the Arts core strategy.)

  • Engage the campus in creating a new collaborative calendar that creates alignment for work across campus units as well as space for wellness and reflection. 
  • Evolve the annual performance calendar to meet current and future programmatic needs and provide better balance for production work. 

Health and Wellness Committee Members

Laurel Donley,
Vice Provost, Student Affairs

Tommy McMasters,
Chief of Police

Krisha Marcano,
Assistant Dean, School of Drama

Stephanie Cartwright,
Clinical Director, Counseling Center