Institutional Sustainability

Strategic Plan

Institutional Sustainability

Personnel, enrollment and financial resources represent the foundation of an institution’s long-term sustainability. Strengthening these aspects will be crucial for UNCSA to efficiently and effectively fulfill its mission.

Institutional Sustainability Progress Updates

Personnel Sustainability

• Address challenges in retaining and recruiting UNCSA faculty by bringing compensation levels up to rank minimums, with the long-term goal of achieving salary competitiveness.

• Address issues with UNCSA staff salary equity and competitiveness.

• Continue and expand the “Quality Workplace Committee” initiative on campus.

• Improve employee workload and efficiency by leveraging existing technology tools across the UNCSA campus and consolidating software platforms where possible.

Enrollment Sustainability

• Increase the number of full-tuition scholarships offered and the availability of scholarships to competitively recruit in-demand students. 

• Support student progress by increasing the first- and second-year retention rates.

• Increase graduation rate to 80%.

Facilities Sustainability

• Support the next steps in the Campus Master Plan, a transformational roadmap for adapting our living and learning environment to improve wayfinding and sense of place, to unify the architectural language of the campus, and to accommodate the growing needs of our creative community.

• Develop a framework to address the need for renovations to high school residence halls.

• Renovate the Stevens Center and continue to advocate for the funding needed to elevate associated student learning outcomes and the patron experience. 

Fiscal Sustainability

• Source and execute initiatives to increase efficiency in the use of resources across the UNCSA campus.

• Create and implement a new strategic budgeting process that will increase awareness, engagement and transparency.

• Grow earned revenue from partnerships, strategic alliances and other opportunities.

Institutional Sustainability Committee Members

Jim DeCristo,
Vice Chancellor for Economic Development, Chief of Staff

Steve Martin,
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management

Wendy Emerson,
Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration

Lissy Garrison,
Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Rob Myers,
Interim Director of Admissions