Interdisciplinary Work in the Arts

Strategic Plan

Interdisciplinary Work in the Arts

Experience with the intersections of different art forms is a critical component in the development of artists for the industry of today and beyond. Opportunities to work on interdisciplinary projects that transcend traditional institutional boundaries will complement UNCSA students’ learning and prepare them for successful 21st-century careers.

Interdiciplinary Arts Progress Updates

Catalyzing Ideas and Possibilities

• Explore new ways to expose students to interdisciplinary practices and career possibilities in the first year of studies. 

• Reinforce and promote interdisciplinary work and projects as a focus annually for Intensive Arts and explore ways to expand opportunities across the campus. 

• Promote and encourage student-generated interdisciplinary works and productions and align those efforts with program and degree requirements. 

Creating Opportunities

• Promote new interdisciplinary arts curricular opportunities within existing programs and reinforce existing capstone programs that bring students together across disciplines. 

• In parallel with strategic actions in Health and Wellness, engage the campus in creating a new collaborative calendar that will provide time and opportunities for interdisciplinary arts work. 

• Expand the role of the UNCSA Library as an interdisciplinary site for the campus through its programming and development of collections to support interdisciplinary arts studies. 

• Create pathways to connect students from across disciplines who are pursuing interdisciplinary arts projects. 

Campus Workload Balance

(This initiative is also a part of the Health and Wellness core strategy.)

• Engage the campus in creating a new collaborative calendar that creates alignment for work across campus units as well as space for wellness and reflection. 

• Evolve the annual performance calendar to meet current and future programmatic needs and provide better balance for production work.

Interdisciplinary Work in the Arts Committee Members

Patrick Sims,
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost