Temporary impairments or injuries

A temporary impairment or injury can be very disruptive and, in some cases, adversely affect a student's ability to fully participate in their academic classes or specific art area. Although a temporary impairment/injury does not qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, staff in the office of Learning Resources will make every effort to provide assistance and appropriate accommodations as needed.

Additionally, the office of Learning Resources is a valuable asset for reviewing documentation, providing students with a letter for their faculty, verifying your medical condition and outlining any needs you may have.

Temporary Impairment/Injury Affecting the Use of Dominant Arm or Hand

Based on supporting documentation, the following assistance or accommodations may be available through Learning Resources to access:

  • Proctoring for tests
  • Extended time for test-taking
  • An electronic scribe for tests (use of Dragon Software)
  • Use of a computer for tests
  • Note-takers for classes
  • Copies of professor’s class notes, if created
  • Use of a computer for in-class assignments
  • Use of a Smartpen

Temporary Impairment/Injury Affecting Mobility

When a temporary impairment or injury takes place mobility aids are generally prescribed by a physician and appropriately fitted to the individual. A mobility aid could be a boot, crutches, scooter, manual wheelchair or motorized wheelchair. The impairment and the mobility aid can make it cumbersome and take more time for a student to get from one area of campus to another.

Since our campus is small, we do not offer a campus transportation system. With that being the case, it may be helpful for students with a mobility impairment to arrange for anyone of the following solutions:

  • Apply for a NC State DOT Handicap Parking Placard.  The Office Learning Resources will assist student in this application.  Please reach out to Learning Resourced by emailing LearningResources@uncsa.edu, or calling 336-726-6963.
  • Arrange a ride to class/campus with a friend and then plan to stay on campus during the day until you have completed the last class.  This process will assist so you are not traveling back and forth to your dorm/home for each class and having to negotiate several rides during the day.
  • If you are not sure who to ask for a ride, you can arrange transportation via a cab, Uber, or other public transportation system in the area.

Other transportation resources that may assist with your needs:

Students who need a mobile scooter or other mobility device may contact the following local vendors to see what they might have to offer:

Mobility Repair and Rental Center
Greensboro, NC 27407

Holladay Surgical Supply Inc
2551 Landmark Dr., Winston-Salem, NC

Ameri Glide Raleigh
2605 Atlantic Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27127

American Home Patient, Inc.
104 Progress Ct., Suite 20, Winston-Salem, NC 27106