Check-In & Check-Out Procedures

Check-In Procedure
Upon arrival at UNCSA all students are required to be checked into their rooms by a Residence Life Programs and Housing staff member. Rooms are to be occupied only by the person(s) properly assigned to them by the UNCSA Housing Office. During check-in, you will be issued a room key and a Room Condition Report (RCR) Form (which will need to be completed indicating the current condition of the room). You will have 24 hours after checking in to make additional notations on your RCR Form as to the condition of your room at check-in. This form determines potential damage charges that may be billed to you when you check out of your room.

Check-Out Procedure
Before leaving UNCSA, all students are required to check out of their room or apartment by scheduling a time with a staff member. The student and the staff member will record any changes to your room on the (RCR) Form. The student will be held responsible for any damages and discrepancies noted on the RCR. At check out, students will be given a copy of your RCR, which shall give an estimate of the bill that will be forwarded to Student Accounts. Students will be asked to turn in their room key. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the Housing Appeals Committee within one month of the bill date. Students who have not vacated the halls by the deadline for closing will be billed $25 to their student account; plus an additional $25 for every hour past the deadline.